Week 2

Discussion Title: Elements of Multimedia

Listed the important elements that should be consider in the development of multimedia products.

Multimedia products is now became a famous in this 21st century. So to do the multimedia products we need to know about the elements of the multimedia. There are five elements of multimedia that is:

Text: Text is the most common medium to deliver the information. Almost all the multimedia products contain text. The text need to be match first with the others element. Because if the text that we use is not suitable with the others element, this will be effect on our multimedia products.

Audio: Audio is come in various formats. There are a billion type of audio that we need to choose wisely.

Video: Video is also one of the multimedia elements. The function of the video is to make our multimedia products more fun. This is because the video can help us to illustrate the concept and idea of our multimedia products. The thing that we need to know about put the video is, do not put the long video. Just put the short and simple nice one. Then we need to also choose wisely the format of the video.

Graphics: The graphics is most commonly used in the making of multimedia products. The graphics can help to attract the audience attention. There are three graphics format that is GIFF, JPEG and PNG.

Animation: Animation is popular among the creator of the multimedia products. This is because animation can attract the audience attention by the movement





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