Week 1

Discussion : Multimedia in Art Education

“Why use multimedia in classroom setting in teaching art education”. Please state your opinion or suggestion based on your findings.

ASSALAMUALAIKUM sir, and I think it is not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to everyone. Based on the question that sir had been posted and based on my research I think in this new era art teacher need to be more creative to deliver the knowledge through fun way. Before this we know that the art teacher only using the text to deliver the information, it will make the student feel bored and can not imagine on what the teacher said. But as we know nowadays student are more attach with using multimedia in their learning way. This is because with using the multimedia the teacher especially art teacher can easily show to the student the video process. Such an example, the teacher can easily show the making of Wau from the beginning of the making to the student. So it will help the student to know better about Wau. Based on my research also, I had found that according to the David Taylor at the University of Maryland, state that students who learned from materials containing both text and graphics produced 55 percent to 121 percent more accurate solutions to problems. So here I think the use of multimedia in classroom setting in teaching art education totally help the teacher and also give the fun learning to the student.

RESOURCE: http://education.seattlepi.com/advantages-disadvantages-schools-using-multimedia-3099.html



Discussion Title: Differentiate the terms of Media, Multi-Media and Multimedia

Before we start to create and innovate something related to the educational technology. There are terms need to be explain and clarify;

  1. Media
  2. Multi-media
  3. Multimedia

The word of media is come from the Latin plural word. The media can be refer as a medium to transfer the information. There are three types of media that is print media, broadcast media and the internet.


The word of multi means various. So the combination of multi-media can be refer as the uses of the various of media to transfers the information.


Multimedia can be defined by the combination of the text, sound, video, and images. With using the multimedia in the learning process, the audience will get better knowledge about what they had learned.





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