Discussion Title: Characteristics of 21st century Learner Discuss the characteristic of 21st century learner. How important we as an educator to know 21st century learner? How its effect technologies in education?


As we know 21st century learner is become more challenging to the teacher to handle it. This is because this group of learner is now become more vulnerable with the surrounding. There are a few characteristics of 21st century learner that is more obvious that can be seen. First is this 21st century learner is become more independent. As we know nowadays the things that we did not know we can only find it by surf the internet. So for this group of learner, they now did not need teacher to teach them actually because they can learn the lesson by surf at the internet at home, no need to attend the class. Beside that this group of learner is become more knowledgeable, they know everything, they also will get prepare first before they attend to the class.



In this 21st century, we as the educator need to know about 21st century learner. This is because this group of learner is different with the past. So for this group of learner the educator need also to update their teaching skill to attract this group of learner. Because, if we as an educator fail to put ourself same level with this group of learner, the teaching and learning process will be not happen, because this group of learner would underestimate thus as the educator.


Nowadays in this 21st century, the technology has taken away all the traditional teaching method. The technology is become the medium to teach and learn in the class. That will be effect on the rises of the technology user. With the rises of the technology user, the student will be independent learning.




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